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Before the onset of the  long holiday break, the RDC-RPMC Project Monitoring Team conducted its last leg of Field Monitoring Visit for DA on-going and completed projects in the province of Cagayan last December 10 and 11, 2014. The team was composed by representatives from the Philippine Information Agency and National Economic & Dev’t Authoriy, and assisted by staff from Department of Agriculture and Office of the Provincial Agriculture as the proponents/implementor.  Projects visited were two (2) Farm to Market Roads (FMR) projects in Aparri, two Small Water Impounding Projects (SWIP) in Allacapan and Piat, and a Diversion Dam in Enrile.

Farm-to-Market  Road projects are part of the FTMR Development Program of DA that aim to help improve mobility and reduce time and transportation cost of goods and services that eventually help improve the living condition of farmer-beneficiaries in the rural areas.  Accordingly, the team visited and validated the Zanja-Bisagu FMR and Gaddang FMR both in Aparri, Cagayan. These two FMRs have an aggregate cost of Php.4.5 million with at least 195 farmer beneficiaries. During the visit and interaction with the beneficiaries, great appreciation were expressed on the project as it served  not only as an access road but as drying pavement of their harvest.

Moving on to higher ground where Small Water Impounding Projects are situated, the team hiked to San Juan-Silagan SWIP in Allacapan, Cagayan and Gumarueng SWIP in Piat, Cagayan. SWIPs are constructed in these areas primarily to provide irrigation to about 250 hectares of rice fields. These projects are jointly funded by the Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Government of Cagayan. As of the time of visit, the two projects have completed its Phase 1 stage which covers earthwork and construction of embankment.  Both SWIP are moving on to their Phase II stages.

Another DA project visited by the team was the San Antonio Diversion Dam in Enrile, Cagayan. This project was reported to be substantially completed in the third quarter of 2014 with a project cost of Php.8.579 million. The project when completed will ease irrigation shortage of 100 hectares of rice fields. However during the visit, the team observed that construction works are still on-going. The reason for delays cited was occurrence of Typhoon Luis which partially damaged part of the diversion dam’s embankment. Nonetheless the contractor targeted to finish the project by the end of December 2014.