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SAGUDAY, Quirino, Jan. 18 (PIA) -- The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) region 2 said it will convert the Addalam River Irrigation Project (ARIP) here, into infrastructure tourism to maximize its potentials not only to irrigate thousands of rice fields but also for the development of the tourism industry of this town and the whole province.
During the Regional Project Monitoring Committee held on Jan.16 at NIA-Addalam River Irrigation Project Office, Project Manager Estanislao Najera said the dam has big potential as tourist spot with its clear waters, a state-of-the-art dam and its accessibility to all types of vehicles.

Najera said there were already some tourists who visited the area. However, there is a need to enhance the area and establish some facilities to be able to convert it into infra-tourism.

Najera also confirmed that the upstream of the dam is where the most expensive fish species thrives, the “Ludong,” which is now the focus of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) region 2 for its preservation and conservation of its potential for economic development.

Cecil Dy, a private sector representative of the regional project monitoring committee, said the plan is very laudable and it will pave the way towards the conversion of other infrastructure project of the government into a tourism destination.

On the other hand, NEDA Assistant Regional Director MaryAnn Darauay stated that through the regional project monitoring committee (RPMC), other projects with tourism potentials that are being implemented by LGUs and other government agencies should be converted into infra-tourism.