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The Provincial Government of Cagayan is currently developing the Provincial Government Employees Housing Program (PGEHP) aimed to assist the qualified provincial government employees by providing housing lots at a minimal cost. The project is located in Carig Norte, Tuguegarao City covering 39, 545 sq. m. and in Patagueleg, Peñablanca with an area of 345, 760 sq. m.

According to Mr. Mar Dela Cruz of the Provincial Planning and Development Office-Cagayan, the site in Peñablanca would have an estimated 1, 450 lots while 215 lots are earmarked in Tuguegarao City. By 2013, the Provincial Government is expecting development of housing units in both areas.

The distribution of lots is done through sale at a minimal cost to qualified beneficiaries. Each lot has an average size of 120 sq. m. On the matter of securing the area from unnecessary sale and exploitation, Dela Cruz stated that per provincial ordinance, the beneficiaries cannot sell the property and they must construct their housing units within 10 years. He assured that rules and regulations are in place to avoid unnecessary actions of the beneficiaries and ensure rightful awarding of lots to deserving employees.

Since its launching in August 9, 2010, physical development of the housing project has been continuously worked out such as the installation of 3, 150.33 perimeter fence in Patagueleg, and development of main and access roads within the area.

“The construction of retaining walls, drainage and water systems, and electric systems are currently on-going,” Dela Cruz said. Upcoming activities include establishment of a shortcut road from Capitol leading to Patagueleg, acquisition of lots for newly qualified employees, registration of lots, and the reclassification of Patagueleg lots from Agriculture to residential.

Nueva Vizcaya PPDC Mike Jubay said that the project poses as a potential growth center in the province; hence, its development must be in line with the physical development plan of the province. He also recommended that the Provincial Government should source a portion of funds to further develop the project against any disasters as a means to sustain the project and identify activities so that it won’t be co-terminus with the current administration, with 2013 local elections upcoming.