In line with the government’s policies on decentralization and administrative delegation, Regional Development Councils (RDCs) were reorganized and strengthened through Executive Order (EO) No. 308, which among others, tasked the RDCs with the coordination of project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  Moreover, Memorandum Order (MO) No. 175 was issued on May 25, 1988 which created Project Monitoring Committees at the provincial/city and municipal levels to monitor local government projects funded from national government and local government funds.

In support of these policies and to facilitate project implementation, monitoring and evaluation at the regional and sub-regional levels, a Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES) was established through EO 376 dated November 2, 1989.  The system provides a scheme for monitoring and evaluating projects at the national, regional, provincial/city and municipal levels, with the extensive and active participation of various government agencies, local government units and non-government organizations (NGOs) at all levels.

Through the system, generation of information on the overall status of project implementation at each level and the detection of problems that impede implementation will be facilitated, so that remedial actions can be readily undertaken at the level nearest the project sites, and at the earliest time possible.