The Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs) established in each region through EO 376 and in each province, city and municipality through MO 175, as amended will be composed of the following:

National PMC

  • NEDA Undersecretary – Chairman
  • DBM Undersecretary – Co-Chairman
  • PMS-OP Head – Member
  • DILG Undersecretary – Member

Regional PMC

  • NEDA Regional Director – Chairman
  • DBM Regional Director – Co-Chairman
  • DILG Regional Director – Member
  • One RDC-NGO Representative – Member
  • Two NGO Representatives – Members

The NEDA Regional Office will serve as the Secretariat of the RPMC.


Provincial/City/Municipal PMC

The composition of the local PMCs will be left to the discretion of the Local Development Council subject to inclusion of the following as mandatory members of the PMC:

  • DILG Representative or Provincial/City/Local Government Officer assigned in the area
  • One NGO/PO Representative
  • One Representative of NGO members in the Local Development Council
  • Four PMC members appointed by the Local Chief Executive from among the nominees of the Local Development Council

The Chairman will be appointed by the local chief executive from among three nominees of the Local Development Council nominated out of the seven PMC members.